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Object of the Association

The objective of the association "Servicehunde til Handicappede" (STH) is to train and place assistance dogs. STH is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist people with a functional disability by granting specially trained assistance dogs and provide continuous support and guidance to ensure beneficial team work. STH was founded in 1996.

The driving force behind the association's work is partly a number of unpaid puppy hosts who put their hears and homes into the work, volounteers, and partly a number of private individuals, foundations, and companies who through financial support and donations of feed and equipment makes the dream of training assistance dogs come true.

STH's Articles of Association

STH’s Supervisory Board

The association is governed by a board with the following members:

Chairman: Karl Vilhelm Nielsen, Hornbæk
Vice-chairman: Mette Henriksen
Treasurer: Ole Nyvold
Board member: Karen Andersen, Frederiksberg
Board member: Lone Lauritzen, København
Alternate: Christina Davidsen, Rødovre
Alternate:  Lotte Pehrsson, Værløse
STH´s instructors

Lise Lotte Christensen. Chief instructor, responsible for the day-to-day operations and managing the instructors' team and the training of the assistance dogs.

Lise Lotte Christensen lived in the USA from 1990 to 1997 where she took a three-year training course as assistance dog instructor with the service dog organisation, CCI, in California. Lise Lotte participated in the training of social, facility and assistance dogs. Since 1997, she has been working as a behaviour consultant with Dansk Kennel Klub, with with the development of training programmes for dogs and their owners, mentality test of dogs an a number of other projects.

Lise Lotte may occassionally be seen in TV programmes about pets, dogs and dog training (for instance, Dine Dyr (»Your Animals), Hund og Hund i mellem (»Among Dogs), Mit liv - mine hunde (»My life – my dogs), etc.). Lise Lotte also writes articles about dog behaviour and dog training for the Internet portal www.netdyredoktor.dk – Hundeskolen (the dog school)

Read more about Lise Lotte Christiansen in this article from Weekenavisen 21 October 2011.



Maria Rudbæk, Instructor. - See Marias CV.

Maria is the latest addtion to the instructors' team and takes part in everything from the daily practical chores with the dogs and the facilities, organizing team training sessions, special training of the dogs and the selection interviewing of applicants for assistance dogs. Apart from her instructor's job with STH, Maria is a qualified veterinary nurse



Anita Christensen, Instructor. See Anitas CV.

Anita lives in the midst of Jutland and works with special training of assistance dogs and in collaboration with Betina Bach on the puppy host project. Anita is active in marketing STH, she is parcipating in interviews with the applicants for assistance dogs and she is involved in a number of other STH-tasks.



Betina Bach, Instructor See Betinas CV.

Betina is responsible for the puppy hosts, the pupppies and the young dogs. She is also engaged in special training of assistance dogs. Betina is active in marketing STH, she is participating in interviews with applicants for assistance dogs and involved in a number of other STH tasks.

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Chefinstruktør Lise Lotte Christensen

Chief instructor: Lise Lotte Christensen

Instruktørelev Maria Rudbæk

From left:Betina Bach, Lise Lotte Christensen, Maria Rudbæk og Anita Christensen

Instruktørelev Maria Rudbæk

Anita og Giving

Instruktørelev Maria Rudbæk

                                                     Instructor: Maria Rudbæk