How to contact STH

All inquiries, including application for an STH social or service dog, are to be addressed to STH’s Head of Administration, Karen Schou Møller.

Telephone: +45 22426769
Office hours, telephone:

    Monday: 2.00-3.00 PM

    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 9.00-10.00 AM




STH - Servicehunde til Handicappede 
Handicaporganisationernes Hus

Blekinge Boulevard 2

2630 Taastrup


STH's Supervisory Board

The Association is represented by a Supervisory Board consisting of:

Chairman: Karl Vilhelm Nielsen, Skovlunde
Vice-chairman: Mette Henriksen
Treasurer: Ole Nyvold
Supervisory Board member: Lone Lauritzen, Copenhagen
Supervisory Board member: Karen Andersen, Frederiksberg
Alternate: Christina Davidsen, Rødovre
Alternate: Lotte Pehrsson, Værløse

STH's bank accound number is:


5035 121479-1


Note! If you make a donation by web bank, please remember to state your name and address in the message field.

If you want tax deduction on your donation, you must include your Danish social security number in the message field. This is only possible for donations over 200 kr.

STH’s Central Business Registration no. (CVR): 26 45 82 42