Would you like to be a puppy host?

We are looking for individuals / families who:

  • Are interested (and preferably have experience) in training puppies.
    STH exclusely uses puppies from the breeds labrador and golden retriever. All STH'puppies are tested and selected with one specific goal in mind, that they become assistance dogs. The puppy is placed with the host family when it is 8-10 weeks old and must return to STH at the age of 12 months for further training.
  • Are versatile
    The tasks when hosting an assistance dog puppe are many. The puppy must be socialized, i.e. be introduce to different people, dogs and other animals, various forms of transportation, the sound of household appliances, learn to climb stairs, walk on different surfaces. The puppy must also be house- and obedience trained, and of course cared for, fed, and taken for walks like any other puppy.
  • Have time and energy
    Even if the interest is there and the heart is in the right place, there must be room in the calendar.
  • Are adaptable
    Once the puppy has developed into a lovely young dog, it will be transferred to special training at STH to prepare for its next station: The job most dogs can only dream of, hen the puppy is formed into a lovely young dog, it must be transferred to special training at STH. Next, the addition of a dream job, as most dogs can only dream of, a lovely dog life spreading joy and being of great benefit to its future user.
We offer


  • An exciting and challenging task
    Working with puppies is very rewarding, but it also requires patience and a positive attitude to guide the puppy,particularly during the first months.
  • Thorough introduction
    All puppy hosts will be assigned an instructor from STH, who will introduce them to the task.
  • Ongoing follow-up
    There will be current training sessions for STH's puppy hosts, and we are available for telephone consultations on request.
  • Reimbursement of expenses
    STH cover the cost of food, veterinary expenses and relevant training provided byt the STH, just as the puppies have liability insurance through STH. The hosting itself is unpaid.

Do you wish to help us helping others and do you have flair for training dogs? Then send us an email with a description of youself to:
info@sth-servicehunde.dk with the heading Puppy Host