STH - Servicehunde til Handicappede

STH train service dogs

for people with physical impairment


STH is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to assist people with a physical impairment by granting them specially trained service dogs



We are the only organization in Denmark that is accredited by international standards and is a member of ADI and ADEu


We train service dogs for people with physical impariment who wish to be more independent

We make the right match between dog and recipient and follow the team throughout the dog's life

Billede af pote på hånd
Highly trained service dogs

We live up to the highest standards in our work with both dogs and partners. For good reasons.

Billede af hund med hundesnor
Can I get a service dog?

Thinking about applying for a dog?

Read more about our application proces and requirements

Billede af servicehunde hvalp
Want to help?

All contributions help us in the training of dogs. Our volunteers and supporters are the foundation of our association


No matter how little I want to get up in the morning, I do it - for my dog! I get outside. I meet people ... She provides life and joy in my everyday life. As a helper, and as a mood booster.


Christina Davidsen and and the STH service dog Frigga

STH Servicehunde til Handicappede have recieved funding from:



Fondation Juchum

STH is a full member of Assistance Dogs International (ADI).

ADI is an international association of accredited assistance dog organisations whose purpose it is to establish and promote high standards in all aspects of assistance dog selection/acquisition, training and partnership.

ADI enables communication and sharing of experience between member organizations, and ADI works to inform the public about the use of assistance dogs and ADI membership.

Read more about ADI here