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STH's target group is children and adults with functional disabilities. To apply for a social or service dog the applicant must fall into this group. STH cannot assist people with disabilities or conditions not under this group.


We receive many questions on how to get a service dog, so please read the following, before you apply.

Autism, ADHD and similar conditions
We receive a number of requests from families with children diagnosed with autism, ADHD and similar conditions but STH's target group is confined to people with functional disabilities and does not include autism, ADHD and similar conditions. Neither is it within our scope to advice these families on choice of race when purchasing or training a private dog.

PTSD and similar conditions
STH's target group is confined to people with physical functional disabilities which do not include PTSD and similar conditions and it is not within our scope to advice on choice of race when purchasing or training a private dog.

You cannot apply for a STH dog if:
• You or someone in your close family is allergic to dogs
• You do not have a functional disability
• A young dog is already part of your family


How to apply?

Please write an email to:
In your email please state:
Name, address, age of applicant, type of functional disability and a few lines about your daily life, your home and your family.

When we have received your application you will be contacted for further inquiries through a preliminary telephone interview or through email, after which we estimate if you fall within the group. If we decide you are eligible you may be invited for a personal interview with an STH instructor.

If the interview is satisfactory we will offer to put you on the waiting list for matching with a suitable dog. The waiting list is assessed regularly and compared with dogs that have completed their training. When a suitable dog has been found you will be invited for team training where you will be co-trained with the dog.


STH makes the trained social or service dog available free of charge against payment of  a life time membership of STH of DKK 2,500 plus annual expenses of keeping a dog (feed, yearly vet's examinations, vaccinations, de-worming, flea- or tick medicine)



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