Hunde I Specialtræning

Service dog instructor

STH receive numerous inquiries about the possibilities of training, education and/or employment with the association.

We appreciate the interest, but currently STH do not offer to train other dogs or to assist others in the training of service dogs.

Undertaking the training of a dog for somebody else is a great responsibility, in particular when this person is physically impaired..
STH take our work very seriously and find it important to explain why not everyone should venture into training of a service dog, even if you have experience with training of family dogs.

Training a service dog is a long and demanding process. The special training, the actual learning of the practical tasks is only part of the project. The service dog trainer must have good knowledge of the various illnesses and physical impariments, which resources does the aplicant have and which aids can be used. The trainer must possess profound knowledge about dog behavior and needs and be able to share this knowledge, e.g. about learning, training and behavior.

The trainer must have great insight in the specific circumstances to be able to "match" the physically impaired person with the "appropriate" service dog. Thenthe skills the dog has learned must be adapted to match the user's requirements. Experience with "problem solving" is necessary to ensure initial success but also in the continued follow-up training of the teams.

STH adhere to international standards for selection, health inspection and aptitude tests, training, co-training, and if necessary, public test, and follow-up on the service and social dog teams according to Assistance Dogs International (ADI)

STH is a full member of Assistance Dogs Europe (ADEu), and certified by Assistance Dogs International (ADI).



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